Miller Wildlife Sanctuary

Joe and Amy Miller donated Marmot Cabin and the 91-acre Miller Wildlife Sanctuary to Bird Alliance of Oregon in the 1970s to help inspire the next generation to love and protect the natural world.

Bordering the Bull Run Watershed, Marmot Cabin is the perfect place for youth to learn about wildlife, healthy ecosystems and natural history. Through overnight trips, day programs, camps, and Outdoor School, our expert instructors provide a safe space for youth to learn, explore, and connect with both the land and each other, grounding them in science, and instilling a love and understanding for the natural world.

Outdoor School at Marmot Cabin

Every major forest species of animal found west of the Cascades either inhabits or travels through the Miller Wildlife Sanctuary thanks to our meadow, old growth and secondary growth forest, and creek habitats. You might hear or see Pileated Woodpecker, Swainson’s Thrush, Great Horned Owl, Coastal Giant Salamander, Northwest Garter Snake, American Beaver, Mule Deer, Mountain Beaver, Roosevelt Elk, Coyote, Bobcat, Mountain Lion and the American Black Bear.

In 2018, thanks to the generous donations of individuals, foundations and businesses, Bird Alliance of Oregon replaced the old cabin with a new educational facility that would enable us to connect more kids to nature. Thanks to the new cabin and two 30 foot yurts, we doubled our capacity, enabling us to reach more youth of diverse backgrounds, offer a large indoor education space to run programs year-round regardless of the weather, and make the facility ADA accessible so that more kids could experience immersive nature education.

Marmot Cabin and the Miller Wildlife Sanctuary are not open to the public. Learn more about how youth can join us at the sanctuary through camps, field trips and Outdoor School.