Ambassador Animals

Meet Our Wildlife Ambassadors

Bird Alliance of Oregon provides a permanent home for several non-releasable native birds and one Western Painted Turtle. Each of these animals came to us imprinted on humans or with an injury so severe the birds would have been unable to survive in the wild.

They now serve as ambassadors for their species as well as Bird Alliance of Oregon. The birds are listed below - click their species names to learn about each education bird and its physiology, appearance, behavior and more.

UPDATE JANUARY 2023: Our two beloved Ambassador Animals, Aristophanes the Raven and Ruby the Turkey Vulture, moved to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma Washington. As we invest in the search and design for our new Wildlife Care Center and rebuild our Ambassador Animal program after the impacts of COVID, we felt it was in the best interests of these complex birds to move to a facility with greater resources and tailor-made enrichment opportunities. Read more about this difficult decision on our blog ("A New Home for Ruby and Aristophanes" - 12/16/22).