Illegal killing of birds and other wildlife remains a significant problem in Oregon. Each year, our Wildlife Care Center treats birds and other wildlife that have been illegally shot, trapped and poisoned, often intentionally. Despite the fact that migratory birds have been protected from illegal killing since the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was passed in 1918, we still see far too many Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Osprey, Great Blue Herons and other birds that have been intentionally and illegally killed.

A photo of a Bald Eagle that was shot by poachers recovering in an enclosure.
Bald Eagle treated at the Wildlife Care Center after being shot by poachers.

Bird Alliance of Oregon’s Work to Combat Poaching

Bird Alliance of Oregon works in multiple ways to reduce illegal poaching of birds and other wildlife:

  • Documenting and reporting illegal poaching of birds and other wildlife brought to our Wildlife Care Center
  • Offering rewards for information leading to arrests and convictions in poaching cases
  • Advocating for strong legislation to address illegal poaching
  • Advocating for strong enforcement and prosecutions in poaching cases

2019 Legislative Session

Bird Alliance of Oregon has successfully work to pass four legislative bills in Oregon over the past decade to increase penalties for poaching. Currently we are supporting the following poaching legislation in the 2019 legislative session:

  • HB 3035 – Increases maximum penalty for certain wildlife law offenses committed without culpable mental state to $2,000 fine.
  • HB 3087 – Directs State Department of Fish and Wildlife to establish anti-poaching awareness program.
  • HB 3088 – Increases maximum penalty for certain wildlife law offenses committed with culpable mental state to five years’ incarceration, $125,000 fine, or both.

How You Can Help

  • Become a Bird Alliance of Oregon Activist and help lobby from strong poaching legislation, enforcement and prosecution.
  • Volunteer at our Wildlife Care Center and help document illegal poaching activity.
  • Contribute to our Anti-poaching reward fund so that we can offer rewards to people reporting illegal poaching activity