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Bird Alliance of Oregon – Heron Hall

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5151 NW Cornell Road
Portland, OR United States
Two campers wearing fairy wings smile as they play together.

Spring Break Camp: Spring Fairies, Grades K-1 *FULL*

Fairies awake with the warming weather and the longer days of Spring. These ancient and magical creatures roam the forest floor when you are not looking! Let’s go find them deep in the forest and create spaces for them to play in. Let your creativity run wild as we craft magical fairy crafts to keep the magic alive long after the camp day ends!

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A Western Red-backed Salamander being handled by youth and environmental educator.

Spring Break Camp: Waking up from Winter, Grades 2-3

Come learn about all the small animals that inhabit our Sanctuary forest as they awake from their winter hibernation. We will tell animal tales and play games inspired by what you learn! We’ll be sure to spend plenty of time searching the forest for bushy squirrel tails, slippery newt tails and glossy amphibian eggs to find out who’s waking from a sleepy winter.

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Three campers hold up their artwork.

Spring Break Camp: Nature Mosaics, Grades K-1 *FULL*

Come get creative on this hands-on camp and experience the joy of creating mosiacs inspired by nature.
We will forage the land for materials like sticks, leaves, mosses and rocks to create our one of a kind mosiac. Hike the trails to gain inspiration and let your creativity run wild in this art-inspired camp. 

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A boy stands in front of a large rock formation holding his camera.

Spring Break Camp: Watershed Wanderers, Grades 3-6

Go out and explore the big and small watersheds in the vicinity of Forest Park. Travel to Cedar Mill Falls, collect water samples, learn about what a watershed is and how they are interconnected to all the nature that surrounds us. Conduct science experiments to see if the creek is healthy and learn about things that humans can do to preserve the watersheds we live in!

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Spring Break Camp: Sounds of the Forest, Grades 2-3

From birdsong, to the wind, to the sounds of Balch Creek –  experience the cacophony of sound that can be found in a forest on this sensory-filled camp. Go deep into the woods with your acute sense of hearing in search of forest melodies. Learn how to interpret the sounds you are hearing and what you can learn from the forest by taking a moment to listen!

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A young boy holds a handmade mask up to his face.

Spring Break Camp: Tales of the Forest, Grades K-1 *FULL*

What tales have our ancient Pacific Northwest forest heard and what stories do our century-old growth trees know? Immerse yourself in the giant trees of the forest, that exist right here in our city to find out what stories they tell. Learn how to identify some of our most common plants and animals in our Nature Sanctuary and create your own stories about them!

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A camper holds her camera up to take a photo of a waterfall.

Spring Break Camp: Salmon Run, Grades 3-6

Oregon’s Salmon run depends on the vitality of hundreds of water springs in the Gorge that trickle to the Columbia River. We will hike up to waterfalls to learn about the habitats and geology that support salmon and visit a fish hatchery with thousands of fish ready to start their journey to the sea. Come learn about the ecology, geology and cultural significance of the Columbia River on this exciting search for wildlife!

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Two boys sit at a picnic table outside with stuffed animals and their nature journals.

Spring Break Camp: The Colors of Spring, Grades 2-3

We will form a deeper understanding of nature by exploring different ways of observing and experiencing the natural world that surrounds us. We will sketch shapes that come to life near the creek and create projects inspired by the forest and all of the amazing things that we observe. Spring is the perfect time to draw inspiration from nature’s colors – from blooming flowers and native plants to colorful songbirds returning from their winter homes, so come on out and create the day away!

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Close up of a ladybug walking on a blade of grass.

Spring Break Camp: Miniature Bug Hideouts, Grades K-1 *FULL*

They range from microscopic to bigger than your hand and science estimates that there are millions of species on the planet! Insects and their arachnid cousins can be bizarre, funny looking, beautiful but also powerful. This camp is all about learning the basic science behind what makes bugs one of the greatest evolutionary successes in nature! Head out into the forest with your magnifying glass in hand to seek out some of these tiny inhabitants that call our Sanctuary home.

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A group of kids smile at the camera while hiking on the trail.

Spring Break Camp: Wilderness Survival 101, Grades 3-6

Band together with fellow campers to learn the ins and outs of wilderness survival while we hike around local trails. Throughout the day you will discover the answers to all your survival questions. Things like: Where might you find water when needed and how could you make sure it is safe to drink? How to can you navigate the trails to ensure you don’t get lost? What are items that are essential for survival? These important skills will help build outdoor confidence all while having fun and making new friends!

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Campers hold up their binoculars in the forest, looking at birds.

Spring Break Camp: Bird Biologist, Grades 2-3

“Become a bird biologist this week! The thrill of the search and the satisfaction of identifying the birds you find are sure to hook you on this awesome endeavor. Investigate bird specimens to learn about their amazing adaptations, learn how to find birds with binoculars, recognize their field marks and observe their behavior in this action-packed camp!

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A photo of campers sitting in a large circle with trees in the background.

Spring Break Camp: Forest Guardians, Grades 3-6

Portland is home to some of the most forested habitat in a city in our country! Come out and learn about why having forests in our cities is so important to wildlife, plant life and human life. Hike the trails, learn about local efforts to conserve green spaces and use your newfound knowlege to take action to protect all that is green and beautiful.

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Two outdoor school participants look at a bird skull specimen.

Spring Break Camp: Predators on the Prowl, Grades 2-3

Apex predators are those at the top of food chains like Wolves, Cougars, Orcas and Eagles. They are magnificent in size, fierce and armed with lethal hunting skills, yet they are vulnerable and depend on healthy ecosystems to survive. Join us in learning about apex predators’ unique adaptations through the study of real skulls and pelts. Search the forest to look for signs on the trail that would tell you if these animals have visited our Sanctuary.”

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A girl holds a pair of binoculars up to her face.

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Winged Wonders, Grades 1-5

Have you ever wondered how different animals use their wings so differently? Some birds fly quietly while others are fast, some use it for courtship while others fly above the clouds. Come learn about all of the special adaptations that our wonderful winged friends have while examining birds bones, wings, tallons and owl pellets. Walk through the forest looking for these creatures of the sky and test yourself on how many different species you can find!

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A girl hold a leaf up to the camera. The leaf and her hand are in focus, her face is not.

No School Day Camp – Fun Fridays: Garden Buds, Grades 1-5

Grow your gardening skills and become a master of plants! Join us for a Spring day filled with hands-on gardening fun for those who love both nature and creativity. We will learn about native plants and flowers through colorful crafts. Let’s have fun, get a little dirty and help nature thrive!

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