Bird-Safe Building Design Toolkit

Architects, designers, developers and other industry professionals can use this toolkit to find up-to-date information and resources for practical and cost-effective products and approaches to designing bird-safe buildings for new construction, redevelopment, or retrofits. We have included information on bird-safe building development projects, guidelines and policies, LED lighting research, and architects with bird-friendly building experience, as well as links to research on the science of window collisions. For more information, please visit the Bird Alliance of Oregon Bird-Safe Building Design webpage.

Red-tailed Hawk, photo by Bob Sallinger

USGBC LEED Bird-Safe Design

Glass and Plexiglass

Exterior Products

Temporary Retrofit Products

Lighting Resources



Bird-Safe Design Projects

Portland Bird Safe Building Design Architects

Research on Avian Window Collisions


*The above list of products and vendors is intended to help provide guidance and solutions. Bird Alliance of Oregon does not recommend any one product, and does not assume responsibility for the efficacy, application or performance of any listed products.