baby brush rabbit

Spring Is Coming (AKA Baby Animal Season!)

I bet that title sounded really cheerful, but I meant for you to read it with a Game of Thrones “winter is coming” energy. As spring rolls around the corner, we wildlife rehabilitators are bracing for our busiest season! Very soon, our hospital will be bustling for 12+ hours a day, run by a small but feisty team of staff members, and a huge dedicated pool of people volunteering their time to our mission.

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Red-breasted Sapsucker patient at WCC - window strike

What Happens When a Bird Hits a Window?

Birds are beginning their fall migrations, and here at the Wildlife Care Center we’ll start to receive dozens of calls and admissions each day due to window collisions. This is a tragic and avoidable pattern that we see occur every year. Window strikes are consistently among our top five reasons for injury, and last year was number three, behind only cats and cars.

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Julio the Great Horned Owl in her new enclosure

Visit Julio and Xena at Their New Enclosures

After our tearful goodbyes to Aristophanes the Raven and Ruby the Turkey Vulture as they left for a new adventure at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, we prioritized moving our other resident ambassador birds to the spacious enclosures on our campus trails. We are thrilled to announce that Julio, our Great Horned Owl, and Xena, our American Kestrel, have moved into their new homes after we adequately prepared these large enclosures for each of them.

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A Bald Eagle flies out of a white enclosure in a field full of yellow flowers.

Bob Sallinger: 30 Years at Bird Alliance of Oregon

Bob Sallinger’s 30 years as an advocate, activist, naturalist, wildlife researcher, and wildlife rehabber, and his deep ties to the community, have led to many of the most exciting conservation wins in Bird Alliance of Oregon’s history, and not only have saved the lives of countless wild animals, but have transformed the Oregon landscape for future generations.

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