Portland Convention Center with the lights out on it's twin towers

Dark Skies Help Birds Fly

There are a number of ways we can each contribute to helping safeguard birds on their journeys but one of the easiest things we can do is turn off unnecessary overnight lighting—especially during peak migration—to reduce the fog of skyglow that clouds the skies over our cities and towns, drowning out the stars and luring birds into lit areas.

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Small group of people in large field of tall wheat grass with buckets in their hands walking

Giving Back to Malheur

In 2022, Bird Alliance of Oregon has a diversity of programs for engaging with Malheur and the Harney Basin. These multiday events are for folks who want to get their hands dirty. Join Bird Alliance of Oregon and local partners in restoring wildlife habitat in Harney County (and of course doing some great bird watching!).

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Mason Bee on lavendar flowers

The Small but Mighty Mason Bee

The early arrival of mason bees is important for local ecosystems and backyards because mason bees are extraordinary pollinators. In fact, one mason bee can pollinate as many flowers as nearly one hundred honeybees!

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On a sunny morning in February, over 65 community volunteers helped plant nearly a thousand native trees and shrubs at Wilkes Creek Headwaters, led by Friends of Trees and partners.

Greening Wilkes

Greening Wilkes is a collaborative project that engages the community surrounding Wilkes City Park and Wilkes Creek Headwaters in outer East Portland in revitalizing and expanding green infrastructure to improve wildlife habitat throughout the neighborhood.

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A photo of a Northern Spotted Owl perched on a mossy branch.

2022 Legislative Agenda

The Oregon Legislature is meeting for a “short session” this year. Only 35 days long, this session moves very quickly, and legislation that is not scheduled for a committee hearing in the first week is largely dead on arrival. Bird Alliance of Oregon is prioritizing several important wildlife bills that have already cleared this first hurdle.

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A Northern Spotted Owl perches on a mossy branch, while looking up towards the upper tree canopy.

Two Big Wins for Oregon Forests!

With the passage of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), as well as the bill to create the Elliott State Research Forest, we transcended decades of conflict and advanced the Elliott and the OFPA riparian management into a new era of conservation, collaboration and science-based management.

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