Tufted Puffin in flight with fish

A Species in Rapid Decline: New Efforts to Recover the Tufted Puffin

Just 553. That is the estimated number of individual Tufted Puffins remaining in Oregon, based on the 2021 coastwide survey conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). It’s a staggering decline from the nearly 5,000 puffins counted back in 2008 and other surveys in the 1990s. It’s a number that demands action, and action is exactly what we plan to take.

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Group of people on pathway in forest with dusk sunlight filtering through the trees

Expanding Our Community with Bird Song Walks!

For close to 40 years, Bird Song Walks have invited Portland metro area residents to celebrate and track spring migration together. At a host of different locations throughout the city, a dedicated group of volunteers, staff, and neighborhood residents gather weekly to note the comings and goings of species through the chorus of songs that fill the early morning air.

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Great Blue Heron

We Are Bird Alliance of Oregon

A year ago we announced our decision to drop the name Audubon and find a new name that better reflects our mission and values, one that would make this organization a more welcoming place for all people. Now, after listening to feedback from our members, volunteers, and the broader community, we are excited to share our new name: Bird Alliance of Oregon.

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