A photo of a Marbled Murrelet flying low over the water.

A Big Win for Marbled Murrelets…But Will ODFW Do the Right Thing?

In June 2018, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission made a decision that was inexplicable even by the low standards this agency has too often set for protecting Oregon’s wildlife. In a 4-2 vote, it reversed, without even the semblance of a coherent explanation, a decision it had made just four months earlier to move the Marbled Murrelet from threatened to endangered status under the State Endangered Species Act.

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A portrait of a Bobcat sitting on a rock with branches partially covering its face.

Bird Alliance of Oregon Testimony on Bobcat Killing

Last week, Bird Alliance of Oregon’s Conservation Director Bob Sallinger provided invited testimony before the Oregon House Interim Committee on Natural Resources on the killing of a juvenile bobcat from Eugene that was killed by state agencies.

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