Red-breasted Sapsucker patient at WCC - window strike

What Happens When a Bird Hits a Window?

Birds are beginning their fall migrations, and here at the Wildlife Care Center we’ll start to receive dozens of calls and admissions each day due to window collisions. This is a tragic and avoidable pattern that we see occur every year. Window strikes are consistently among our top five reasons for injury, and last year was number three, behind only cats and cars.

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Oxbow Nature Education on bank of river

Environmental Justice and Bird Alliance of Oregon: Past, Present, and Future

Bird Alliance of Oregon has a long history of working to advance conservation initiatives that incorporate key tenets of the environmental justice movement. This work is especially important now because we have reached a critical point in terms of environmental damage and social and environmental justice reckoning.

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A photo of a flock of Pacific Black Brants entering the water.

Protecting Oregon’s Estuaries, Starting with Yaquina Bay

Oregon’s coastline is blessed with 22 major estuaries, where Oregon’s forests and rivers meet the ocean, and these estuaries are the engines that power salmon, waterbirds, Dungeness crab, oysters, cultural resources, and jobs for many people in coastal communities. It is crucial that Oregon update all their estuary plans to provide the strongest habitat protections possible to ensure a vibrant economy.

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Roseate Spoonbill

Deepening Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel: Carbon Offsets and So Much More

As of July 2023, every Bird Alliance of Oregon trip will include carbon offsets as a member of the Sustainable Travel International. The program also works alongside local communities, engaging travelers, businesses, and policy-makers in responsible practices. Through this work, they aim to combat climate change and empower communities to preserve destinations around the globe.

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Quinn Read at the Sanctuary

Continuing Over a Century of Conservation at Bird Alliance of Oregon

This opportunity to work with Bird Alliance of Oregon feels like coming full circle. I am deeply humbled to join an organization that has been shaped by visionary leaders, like Bob Sallinger, and it’s an honor to be a part of this unparalleled community of staff, activists, volunteers, students, and supporters. I look forward to working with you, together for nature.

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