Tumko Davaakhuu wears a red coat and feeds a baby goat in Mongolia.

Meet Tumko Davaakhuu, Our New Chief Operating Officer

We’re thrilled to welcome Tumurkhuu “Tumko” Davaakhuu as our new Chief Operating Officer! Tumko moved to Portland from Mongolia six months ago, leaving his job as the CEO and Board Director of a major bank to find a healthier climate for his family and to pursue his dream of working full time in the conservation field.

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A coyote stands at attention in a meadow surrounded by purple flowers.

Taking a Stand Against Wildlife Poisons

For far too long, the use of poisons has been a weapon of choice for agencies and individuals concerned about addressing wildlife conflicts. This spring, Oregon made two major advances in removing indiscriminate, inhumane, and dangerous wildlife poisons from our landscape.

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A trainer works with Julio the Great Horned Owl, an animal ambassador at Bird Alliance of Oregon.

Enrichment: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Enrichment is essential for any animal kept in human care like our wild residents, and even your dog, cat or guinea pig. It can come in many forms, but its purpose in the most basic form is to provide animals the opportunity to exhibit natural behaviors that are otherwise hard to simulate.

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